Evidence of Success of Agile Projects

Evidence of Success of Agile Projects

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C#.NET program on IIS7 failing to read the private key…

We are facing a weird problem while reading the Private Key from the self-signed certificate.

The application is running on IIS7 running on Windows 2008 Serer. After running successfully for several days (or sometimes weeks), the C#.NET program fails to read the certificate from the User Store.

After doing lot of research and trying to reproduce the issue, we did not find anything wrong in the code and, finally contacted Microsoft Support, and realized that the issue is related to user profile, which gets deactivated when somebody interactively logs out of Windows Server. The moment user session is logged out, a particular program named CertificateServicesClient stops working for the ‘USER’ account and the application fails because it is deployed on IIS, and IIS is impersonating using the ‘USER’ account.

If you’re facing exactly the same problem, following is the solution we found with the help of Microsoft Support:

1. Open the IIS Manager

2. Go the the ‘Application Pools’

3. Select the application pool being used by your application.

4. Select ‘Advanced Settings…’ from righ-side action panel.

5. In Advanced Setting, under ‘Process Model’ section, set the property “Load User Profile” to “True”.

IIS-Load-user-profile setting


This setting tell IIS to load the user profile itself, irrespective of whether the User is interactively logged-in or not.

MySQL Error: Can’t perform query: Can’t open file: ‘xxxx.MYI’ (errno: 145)

I have timesheet.php and bugzilla 2.20 running on a linux box sharing same mysql db server.

When I tried logging-in to both the applications, I got following error.

Can't perform query: Can't open file: 'xxxxxx.MYI' (errno: 145)

You will face this error when your MySQL table is corrupted, and there are a few reasons for that:
1 – Server crash;
2 – Hardware failure;
3 – A MySQL write process was interrupted;

However you can fix this very easy with a simple query…

$ mysql
mysql> use database_name;
mysql> REPAIR TABLE table_name;

This will repair the specified table. The name of the table which is corrupted can be seen in the error as ‘xxxxx.MYI’.

Good luck.

Why GlassFish?

Few points to be considered while taking decision to adopt GlassFish Application Server.

  • GlassFish is an Open Source Application Server which implements the latest Java EE 5.0 specifications.
  • SUN is heavily supporting GlassFish Open Source Project.
  • GlassFish has very rich Administration Console like Weblogic and unlike JBoss.
  • After acquiring by Redhat, JBoss is not showing any momentum, whereas SUN is heavily supporting GlassFish Open Source Project, that is why GlassFish’s adoption is increasing as a best Open Source Application Server choice today.
  • GlassFish is very easy for developers to use, and increases the developer productivity when used in integration with Netbeans IDE.

Read GlassFish Adoption Stories and see how GlassFish is being used for enterprise applications.

I have been using GlassFish from last few months for my company’s client projects. Not yet deployed on Production.

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